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You just revealed two basic human traits:


1. Curiosity

2. Disobedience


What? What did you say? You do not follow? Ok, let me explain it to you: First, ask yourself, did you ever get my authorization so you can say "I am authorized?" Get my point?














Since right now you may be a little upset for revealing your inner self, let me tell you a joke to cheer you up:

In one of my class I have 56 students. That makes calling the roll time-consuming so I instead pass a 56-student roll sheet each class period for students to sign their names. One time, I found 54 signatures on the paper but there were only 52 students inside our classroom. The students did not realize, however, that out of the 56 students 3 already dropped the course. So what happened is, someone in the classroom signed for another student who had already dropped the course. Now that's a joke :)



Adam Y.C. Lei. All rights reserved.